Hi, I'm Rekira!


I'm the girl behind the lens as well as the content created , social media expert, phone operator and cheerleader behind H&R Photography! My business is my life and passion! I’ve been a full time photographer professionally for +12 years.  I enjoy interacting with my clients and getting them to genuinely laugh during our photoshoots. Not only does my job require passion and creativity but it also requires lots of planning, organizing and styling. I love being able to bring all my skills into my  buisness by giving each and every one of my clients a personal and unique experience. This could mean creating a custom wedding day timeline, planning a fun and unique senior sessions or styling a beautiful set in our studio for an upcoming session. 

If you've been around since the beginning of our journey at H&R you probably already know where our name comes from. My mom is the H (Heike) and I'm the R (Rekira). Both our names are very unique and uncommon so H&R was the best fit for us. 


If you have ever booked a senior or family session with us, you have probably already met both of us! All of our sessions consist of two parts. Part one is our photoshoot, captured by Rekira. Part two is an in person consultations. At this time our clients get to meet with Heike at our studio and review the final images of their photoshoot. 


Thanks for stopping by and following our
journey!!! I'm so glad you're here!



Hi, I'm Heike!

Tel: 330-601-0850

3282 Old Weymouth Rd. Medina, OH


Hours Of Operation:

Sessions are by appointment.

We can be reached Wednesday-Saturday from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm via phone, email and Facebook!

What services do we provide?

We are a full service photography studio offering wedding, studio and outdoor portraits. 

​What is the style of photography?

At H&R Fotostudio we create pieces of art. We want our portraits to tell a story, to capture a moment in time that will be cherished, that will be hung in your home proudly. H&R Fotostudio will bring our your true character, will capture true emotion and deliver it to you as a unique piece of art. If you are having fun and are relaxed, we will achieve the greatest results for you and that is a very different approach to traditional portrait photography. 

How long does the photography session last and how much should I expect to spend?

Our mini sessions are 20 minute sessions and are limited to one outfit and up to 6 people unless stated otherwise. Our mini session prices start at $250 and include 5 digital images.

Our full sessions typically take anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours. With a full session you may bring unlimited outfit changes and there is no limit on how many subjects may be in your portrait session. Please contact us for pricing details.

Can I bring different outfits and props to the photography session?

Yes, we recommend that you bring multiple changes of outfits and your own props and lots of personality! Our portrait photographers will organize and walk you through the rest. When the studio calls you to confirm your appointment they will talk to you about what ideas you have for the photography session and what to bring.

What to Wear for Family Portraits?

Solids colors work best. Pops of pattern can definitely look great, but if you’re looking for a fail-proof family combination, go with solid colors. To keep things from looking boring, include textures (think chunky knits, tulle, lace, etc). Avoid tiny prints, especially small plaid and small stripes.We recommend to coordinate the family in different neutral shades (i.e. ivory, gray, beige) and then add a few pops of coordinating color. The easiest way to come up with a color scheme is to start with one person. It’s way easier to visualize the whole puzzle once you know what one piece looks like! Try starting with mom or daughter, since women’s clothing tends to have more colors and prints.

You do not have to completely match. We want colors that generally complement each other: so for instance, soft colors (light blue, gray, blush) or warm colors (brown, orange, burgundy), If you want colorful images, then you should choose a more vivid color scheme for your outfits!

ALSO CONSIDER YOUR HOME DECOR!!! If you’re planning to hang your images in your living room that’s decorated in all white, you probably don’t want your clothing to be dark. If you’re hanging them in a colorful nursery, then wear vivid outfits.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, yes, yes! Pets are welcomed in any of our outdoor sessions! A $50 pet fee may will be applied for any studio session. 

When should I schedule Newborn Portraits?

For best quality results we recommend newborn portraits between 4-14 days old!

When can I view my images?

The viewing of your images will take place in the studio 72 hrs after your photography session. Your images are projected on to a large screen and backed with music! It is a great experience! Our design consultant will talk to you about the different products you can choose from and help you choose that perfect shot. 

How long does the preview last?

Approximately 60 minutes.

How long does it take before my order is ready?

Our digital files are available in 14 business days. It will take up to 7 weeks for your specialty items such as prints, portrait albums and canvases.

What is our Turnaround for Wedding Portraits?

All digital images are delivered within 5 weeks.

Policies: All prints and products are subject to Ohio state sales tax and shipping when applicable. Due to the nature of custom photography, all sales are final. H&R Photography does, of course guarantee that the portraits you receive meet the highest standards in every respect and works with the customers o approve design and custom work before orders are placed. Payment of orders is due in full after the in person viewing.